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Ultimate Chrome iPhone Theme

Pre:Mars Theme
Ultimate Chrome iPhone Theme

Time: 2013-08-02
Compatible iDevices:

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Theme URL: http://modmyi.com/cydia/package.php?id=18226

Ultimate Chrome is a theme that includes several components all of which brings forth a metallic chrome look to your iOS device. It includes wallpaper, an optional clock for your homescreen, metallic icons, and many changes to system dialog boxes and buttons.

How to Install:

1. Jailbreak and install Cydia + Winterboard
2. Search Cydia for “Ultimate Chrome” and install the theme
3. Open Winterboard and select Ultimate Chrom, plus any other Ultimate components that you want to use (such as the clock, etc)
4. Tada! You might need to switch to SummerBoard mode for it to work.


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